338 million trips. That's almost a quarter more than in 2021. This means that every day, almost one million Brussels residents, commuters and tourists used the STIB network in 2022.

338 million trips.
That's almost a quarter more than in 2021.

This means that every day, almost one million Brussels residents, commuters and tourists used the STIB network in 2022. And these are the results of a year that was still marked by the Covid crisis in the first few months. The number of passengers increased steadily over the months, with peaks above the performance achieved in 2019 – chosen as the reference year – particularly at weekends. We owe this fine result to all those travellers who put their trust in the STIB and to the more than 10,000 Stibians who, every day, work for a different kind of mobility in Brussels.

The metro recorded the best growth, with 129.2 million journeys, compared with 96.3 million in 2021. The metro is the preferred mode of transport for travellers and will continue to lead the way in terms of use, accounting for 38.3% of journeys made in 2022. Trams follow with 31.6%, while the bus, which has made impressive progress in recent years, is close behind its ferry neighbour with 30.1% of the trips made by the STIB.

In 2022, we have continued to increase our offer to meet the growing demand and to ensure the comfort of passengers. Our trams, buses and metros covered 52.7 million kilometres, 4.25% more than in 2021. We are particularly proud of these figures because they demonstrate the confidence of passengers in public transport in Brussels.

The year 2022 was punctuated by many new features and achievements. The network has an additional bus line with line 73, young Brussels residents travel for one euro a month, and frequencies have increased again, such as those of line 71, for example. In short, the STIB has made a number of advances, whether in terms of rolling stock, network adaptations, accessibility or digital services. We have compiled all these achievements in this activity report, which we are proud to present to you today.

The year 2022 has not been an easy one. While we were happy to be together again after a period of pandemic, and to see our beloved Brussels come back to life, we also felt the repercussions on our daily lives of a conflict that is bigger than us, the rise in energy prices or the climate crisis that is becoming more and more tangible. In this tense context, the STIB wants to be a piece of the puzzle that, we hope, will lead to a solution.

The STIB and the Stibians are committed, on a daily basis, to Brussels, its inhabitants, its visitors, and all those who hold our beautiful capital in their hearts. Every day, we work to offer an efficient, high-quality and environmentally friendly mobility service. Beyond our role as a transport company, we ensure that we have a positive impact on the city through all our activities. Since 2018, we have improved our energy performance by 12.3%, amongst other things through the acquisition of new, even more environmentally friendly buses and energy-saving measures. We also want the public transport network to be increasingly accessible to all. In 2022, new stations were equipped with lifts and the latest buses and trams announce the line and direction outside the vehicle when they arrive at the stop, making life easier for visually impaired people. We also work with a number of associations. In 2022, the STIB contributed to digital inclusion through donations of computer equipment, to road safety through awareness campaigns, to social cohesion by making its Living Together bus available, and to helping the most disadvantaged by participating in Operation Thermos...

Public transport has been the lifeblood of the Brussels capital for two centuries. It goes without saying that it has had its ups and downs over the years. However, it has always emerged stronger and bigger. Today, the car-based approach is definitely over and together we are contributing to the Brussels of tomorrow. 337.7 million times thank you to each and every one of you who has chosen to use the STIB buses, trams and metros in 2022. We are counting on even more of you in 2023, so that together we can make the city even more beautiful.

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Brieuc de Meeûs

Chief Executive Officer

Merlijn Erbuer


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