Support for the most disadvantaged

For many years, the STIB has been working with local actors to help and accompany the homeless and/or addicted people on its network to suitable reception facilities. In order to ensure this social and humanitarian mission, it works hand in hand with associations: Diogenes, Dune, Transit, Doctors of the World, the Red Cross, Samusocial, Strada, Douche Flux, Modus vivendi, Infirmiers de Rue, Fedasil, Doctors without Borders, municipal prevention services and Bruss'help.

In 2022 the socio-economic context, strongly shaken by the successive crises, has generated an increase in social precariousness and problems related to drug addiction (new substances, trafficking, increase in the number of users, violence, etc.) in the Brussels region. The STIB network has not been spared by the increase in these phenomena, which require a coordinated approach by all the actors involved. A proof of concept is planned for 2023.

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