More than 550
people trained to drive

Supporting the evolution of the network

The arrival of new vehicles and technologies on the network is accompanied by new training needs. In the metro, the commissioning of the M7 metros and the installation of the new CBTC signalling system require training for technical, maintenance and driving personnel with regard to the specific features of these vehicles.

The STIB is modernising its fleet, but also its network. The new signalling and security system for the metro will shortly be operational. Dispatchers and technical teams must be familiar with its new features. The training courses were developed in 2022 by the Metro Training Centre and will be delivered to the staff involved beginning in 2023.

The Training Centre Surface puts together training for trams and buses. In 2022, a training course entitled "eco-reflexes" was developed. It aims to remind people of the reflexes to adopt in the vicinity of critical locations (approaching a switch or a crossroads for example) as well as the good practices to adopt for a driving style which is more respectful of the environment (to put oneself in neutral to save energy, to anticipate braking and so on).

In 2022, the Training Centre Surface trained approximately 400 bus drivers and 90 tram drivers, while the Metro Training Centre trained nearly 70 people to drive the metro trains.

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