From recycling to upcycling

Scraps of fabric, building site tarpaulins, old validators etc. In the hands of the staff of the inclusive workshop, L'Ouvroir, these objects destined for the dustbin are given a new life.

The concept is known as "upcycling" and aims to recover waste in order to create new objects which will be useful in everyday life. This approach is fully in line with the environmental vision of the STIB, which is trying to limit its waste production as much as possible. In addition, by working with L'Ouvroir, the STIB is supporting this Brussels-based company which promotes the know-how of people with disabilities. The products resulting from this collaboration are sold at the online store:

Still in the spirit of the (re)valorisation of objects, the STIB has opened a Repair Café on the Molenwest site, next to the Gare de l’Ouest (the West station). This initiative was launched in 2021 and allows the talents of the STIB employees to be put to good use in repairing everyday objects (scooters, sewing machines, bicycles etc.) and small appliances.

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