Bus line 73 strengthens the network

Bus line 73 strengthens the network

The bus plan continued its rollout, with further network adaptations in 2022. The most significant was undoubtedly the creation of the new bus line 73, which connects Gare du Midi to CERIA. This is the sixth line created as part of the bus plan. It increases service in the rapidly developing Boulevard Industriel area while providing connections to metro lines 2, 5 and 6.

The opening of the new line 73 was accompanied by the merging of lines 75 (Bon Air - Héros) and 98 (CERIA - Héros). The new line that resulted from this merger is number 75 and connects Bon Air to Héros.

2022 marked the completion of the bus plan, which increased service on bus routes by 30% between 2018 and 2022. The bus plan provides for further improvements beyond 2022, which will be implemented progressively as the necessary road improvements are made.

Today, the bus fleet is also greener, as there are some 400 hybrid buses and 37 electric buses. The STIB is also testing a hydrogen bus on its network.

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