AccessiBus celebrates its 10th anniversary

AccessiBus is an information system for wheelchair users which details the level of accessibility at the STIB bus stops. Launched in 2012 on International Disability Rights Day, AccessiBus blew out the 10 candles on its cake in December 2022. Today, all daytime bus routes are AccessiBus certified. In 2023, the Noctis night bus network will become AccessiBus.

Another new feature for 2023 is the launch of the AccessiTram. The principle is the same as that of AccessiBus, namely an information system indicating the level of accessibility at tram stops. The first line to benefit will be line 7, followed by lines 3 and 4. They were not chosen at random. These are lines on which T4000 type trams run. These are equipped with portable access ramps. The T3000 trams will soon be equipped as well.

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