New charging stations at terminals

The new electric buses ordered by the STIB require recharging facilities, which is why the STIB is electrifying its depots and terminals. This is a long-term project, in preparation for the full electrification of the bus fleet by 2035.

In 2022, the STIB obtained planning permission for the development of several electric terminals in Moortebeek, Westland Shopping and Pannenhuis. Work is planned for Moortebeek and Westland Shopping in 2023 and 2024. In Pannenhuis, the work will take place during 2024. And this is just the beginning. The STIB is already planning the electrification of other stops, such as Simonis, Beekkant and Gare Centrale, as well as the Marly bus depot in Neder-Over-Heembeek.

Installing charging poles for buses will have an impact on the design of the roads. They are new devices and will be added progressively to the urban furniture already present on the streets, such as lighting, waste garbage cans, shelters and benches. To integrate these recharging masts into the urban landscape as well as possible, the STIB organised workshops in collaboration with other public stakeholders to consider the design of these masts.

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