The customer at the centre of its concerns

The customer is at the heart of the STIB's vision, anchored in its business plan. But what does it mean to be customer-oriented and how does this translate into the daily life of STIB employees? In order to answer this question, the STIB has created a "Customer Welcome Guide" for its staff. This reference document is an integral part of its Brand Book defining the company's brand image. It details the conduct expected of those members of staff who come into contact with customers. This reference system is accompanied by training. In 2022, the STIB Academy organised 5 pilot training courses for about 30 employees. In 2023, "Customer Orientation" training will be deployed throughout the company. They aim at the knowledge of the 3 "PROs" in the Customer Guide (proximity, proactive, professional) and the development of the expected attitudes (empathy, active listening, assertiveness, aggressiveness management and so on).

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