Small things which count

When it comes to the environment, every action counts. Acquiring greener vehicles, renovating buildings, but also small everyday actions, such as turning off the lights, taking the stairs instead of the lift or turning down the thermostat.

The STIB has understood this for a long time. Eco-driving is an integral part of driver training, selective sorting is applied at all the STIB sites and staff are regularly made aware of environmental issues.

In 2022, an internal communication campaign reminded us of 6 eco-gestures to be adopted on a daily basis:

  • turning off lights when leaving a room;
  • using stairs instead of lifts;
  • turning down the thermostatic valves;
  • checking for compressed air leaks;
  • driving smoothly;
  • limiting the number of mails sent to everyone in order not to overload the servers.

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